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Engadine Yoga Centre- Traditional Yoga Studio

Yoga, Pilates, Beginners courses & Meditation ~ Updated 7th September  2017

Timetable for Engadine Yoga & Pilates for 2017

Suite 1/1075, Old Princes Hwy,  Engadine NSW 2233

Phone : 9548-5368

Closed Public Holidays

Online Bookings Available
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Joy * Balance * Peace *  1/2  Day Wellness Retreat at Govinda Valley  Sunday 3rd December   9am - 1pm








Basic & progressive mat work

8 week course

Starts 16th Oct
Bookings required


Gentle Yoga
Drop in class
All levels & seniors welcome

7am - 8am
Hatha Yoga
Drop in class
All levels welcome



Gentle Yoga
Drop in class
All levels and seniors welcome




10 weeks $160-

Starts 13th Oct

bookings required

** Class full **

8.00 - 9.OOam
Core/Pelvic floor

back strengthening. Mat/Ball/Bands
Starts 14th Oct
9 week course
Bookings required








5.30pm - 6.30pm

Pre + Post Natal Yoga


8 weeks $128

Starts 11th October








Yin / Gentle Yoga
1 hour class
All levels & Seniors welcome
Drop in class


5.30pm - 6.30pm
10 weeks $178-
Starts 10th Oct
Bookings Required




7.00pm -8:30pm
Hatha Yoga
All levels welcome
Drop in class


Drop in class




Gentle Yoga
All levels welcome
Drop in class


6.30pm -7.30pm
Basic & progressive mat work

10 week course

Starts 12th Oct
Bookings required  

7pm - 8pm

Mindful Meditation & Relaxation


4 weeks $60

Starts 13th Oct

Bookings required


Beginners yoga course bookings essential               6 weeks  $98-         starts 18th Oct


Engadine Yoga & Pilates
~ Closed Public Holidays

                                   "Drop in" Yoga Classes run year round including school holidays

See below for all course start dates and bookings


Gentle Hatha Yoga - Relax and unwind. A Hatha Yoga series of limbering/ passive asana (postures) pranayama (yogic breathing) and deep relaxation. SENIORS WELCOME Drop in class

Short Break Easy Hatha-Yoga - Passive 1 hour Hatha Yoga series of postures and yogic breathing. Drop in class

Hatha Yoga - is suited to those who enjoy a gentler practice that primarily focuses on passive asana, beathe work, stretching , Hatha Postures, and relaxation. You will feel rejuvinated after attending this class. A great class to reduce stress levels at the end of the day. All levels of fitness welcome. Drop in class

General/Intermediate Yoga; A faster paced general yoga class, suitable for those looking for a slightly more challenging class. Some level of fitness is advised. This class increases flexibility and strength, whilst focusing on deep breathe work. Drop in class

Flowing Yoga level 2-3 Vinyasa - 1.5hrs Dynamic Yoga Class. The next step up. A class specifically designed to increase your fitness, flexibility, strength and stamina, whilst expanding your awareness of the benefits of meditation and focus. A flowing series of postures and breathing., with meditation/relaxation at the conclusion of the class. If you are after a challenge this class is definately for you. Suitable for fit beginners and students who have progressed from Hatha Yoga 1 & 2 classes. 7.00-8.30pm This class runs year round- Drop in class

Core Core Core, strength & Pelvic Floor   A one hour class designed to specifically to increase flexibility, strengthen core muscles and the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor can become weakened after pregnancy and childbirth or during the aging process...  This class concentrates on light weight bearing exercises, swisse ball techniques, core strength, stretching and mat work to increase overall muscle density and strength. If you want to  to increase fitness, flexibility and core stability , then this is the class for you.  All levels of fitness are welcome. Bookings req.

Tone-up Yoga-Hips/Thighs/Waist.   A Yoga class designed for those that wish to tone those areas that may have become a challenge. This class is designed for those with at least a medium level of fitness.  Tighten and tone the thighs, waist and buttocks, whilst enjoying some traditional Hatha & Bikram Yoga asanas.

Pilates – Pilates beginners to level 1 Mat work. Develop a deep connection to your core strength through this body conditioning program designed to teach efficient movement patterns and provide general well being using controlled exercises and deliberate breathing patterns.   Level 1  & beginners mat work, develop connection to your core strength . Bookings are required for all Pilates classes

Yogalates  A one hour class that offers the benefits of both yoga & pilates in one.  Develop core strength whilst enjoying the benefits of mindfulness with yoga practice.

Yin Yoga   A very popular style of Yoga at present. This class is very gentle and works specifically with the female energy. It is highly beneficial for women of all ages, and will aid in restoring your inner vitality, calmness of the mind, and flexibility. Yin encourages us to release and let go. This is ANTI-aging yoga as it has been proven to release hyrolaunic acid which increases collagen and thus reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

6 week introductory course starting 24th July-bookings required

Qi Gong    Qi Gong is gentle and easy, and very powerful- a power that can enable you to prevent illness and heal yourself.   Iit involves a series of flowing movements, breathing techniques and visualisations that unblock the body and fill it with the energy. Working with QiGong and / or Yoga brings peace, health and harmony.

Yoga for Kids for ages 10-17yrs old.   Yoga and kids are a perfect match! When practiced regularly it supports children in their homes, classrooms, sports, and relationships. Improving self confidence, concentration, body awareness and strength, and creating a better sense of wellbeing, plus it aids in balancing the hormones and levelling stress  —the profound power of yoga is truly a gift that keeps on giving!   We will also talk about mindfulness and empathy, and how these help  develop better relationships with themselves and others.

Prenatal Yoga - A 1 hour class devoted to gentle stretching and deep relaxation, for mums to be, and mums that want to get back into shape and enjoy stretching and relaxation at a gentle pace. Drop in available if we have room in the class-bookings highly recommended

Meditation Concentration, Relaxation, visualisation and meditation for a positive and peaceful mind . This meditation class incorporates guided visualisation techniques and is excellent for relieving stress in everyday life situations Bookings are required

Beginners Courses- We recommend students who have not undertaken any previous yoga training to come along and join either a 6 or 8 week beginners course. This gives the student a good insight into the practice of yoga, and builds a strong foundation so they may graduate into either a Hatha 1 or gentle yoga class. Classes introduce the health benefits of yoga, postural care, deep relaxation techniques, yogic breathing exercises and an introduction into meditation. Bookings are required. Please note we cannot do make-up lessons for Beginners courses, Mums and Bubs, Pre-Natal or Meditation courses.

Personal Training  An individualized service that will see you on the right pathway to starting and maintaining a regular exercise regime and a controlled dietary approach to help you achieve your desired weight and physique. BMI/KJ's/Fat percentage and full check at your first visit. Your program will be written specifically for you and your own needs.


- Please advise your teacher of any health problems or injuries as you arrive -

- Avoid heavy meals before class -

- Mats, blankets and props provided -

- We are closed Public Holidays -

- We cater for all ages and levels of fitness -

Casual class:
4 class pass:
10 class pass:
            Senior 4 class pass   $58
Seniors casual per class   $15
Seniors 10 class pass   $145

Important information on Class Passes and course bookings
Engadine Yoga & Pilates class passes can be used at any Engadine Yoga Centre - Yoga class (workshops, retreats & courses excluded).
Yoga passes cannot be used for Pilates courses.
Courses including Pilates, Meditation and Yoga cannot be exchanged or refunded after the expiration of the course date
Yoga passes must be used prior to the expiration date. 10 class pass expires after a 6 month time frame. 4 class pass after 3 months.

Engadine Yoga & Pilates is a relaxed, air conditioned studio, located opposite the post office in Engadine. The teachers combine many years of experience to bring you a range of styles to choose from. Try Hatha Yoga for easy or general classes, or Vinyasa if you really want to get a work out. Jenny can teach you all about meditation, the use of colour in meditation and chakra balancing techniques. We offer Prenatal Yoga for mums to be, or you can get acquainted with yoga and / or Pilates, and join a beginners course


                      Joy Balance Peace half day Christmas Retreat--

Our popular retreats are usually sold out well in advance of the set dates.  These are usually held on a Sunday -bi anually.

This is a wonderful relaxing way to spend a sunday morning.  Starting with a Yoga session, morning tea, pilates and then mindful meditation and relaxation, followed by a scrumptious vegetarian lunch.  Your facilitators will be Jenny and Jo. $85-00   Bookings essential

Early bird special $75- if booked and paid by 31st October




Beginners Yoga Course-6 weeks or 8 weeks

with Bernadette  

Commencing Wednesday 18th October   7-8.30pm


                                                                                                                 Only 3 p3vclaces left


This course is an introduction to the skills, knowledge and tools that quiet the mind, heal the body and connect within.

Techniques to be studied include pranayama - yogic breathing, asana - yogic postures, deep relaxation and meditation.


                                                               Please note we cannot do make-up lessons for Beginners courses



Core Core Core, Fitness , Pelvic Floor, Pilates Class- 9 weeks

with Alex

Commencing  Saturday   14th October  8am - 9am


Bookings required

This 9 week course is designed to tighten and tone tummy muscles and increase core strength and strengthen and improve the pelvic floor. Alex is our personal trainer, and his programs are specifically aimed at improving overall strength, and agility, he also aids with retraining those in need of rehab. Alex targets those muscle groups that may be weak or that have become lazy and  will have you fit and toned in no time at all


PILATES - Level 1 to Intermediate Mat work course (1hr classes)

with Jo

Commencing 10th October


Thursday 6.30 - 7.30pm


Saturday 8.00 -9.00am


Monday 9.30am -10.30am



Pilates 6 - 11 week blocks, beginners to level 1 Mat work. Develop a deep connection to your core strength through this body conditioning programme designed to teach efficient movement patterns and provide general well being using controlled exercises and deliberate breathing patterns.   Level 1  & beginners mat work, develop connection to your core strength

11 week course $195-00

Seniors $180-00

10 week course $178-00

Seniors $168-00

9 week course $164-00

Seniors $154-00

Bookings required


  PILATES - Beginners - Progressive


Commencing 10th October

Tuesdays 5.30pm - 6.30pm

10 weeks $178-00

(no senior discount)





Commencing 13th October  10 weeks   $160-00

Fridays 10am - 11am


                                                                                                                 Class full



Hatha Yoga:  Drop-in Class

June/Ria/ Bernadette/ Ange /Michelle/ Jenny

An open class suitable to most. This class incorporates yogic breathing and deep relaxation, dynamic and gentle stretching. This course is practiced at a general fitness level, however the routine itself is quite simple & therefore applicable to most, as you work within your own limits.


Pre and Post natal Yoga - Course

Starts 11th October

Wed 5-30 - 6-30pm



Deep relaxation for the complete nourishment of your body. A class specifically tailored for Mums to be.

Beginners encouraged and welcome.

Drop in class is available.   During the period when courses are running there may limited availability for drop in if you have not pre-booked.  Bookings and pre-payments are strongly advised for this class.

Please note make-up lessons are unavailable for Pre-Natal courses



Mindful Meditation for relaxation, health & to de-stress

with David

                                                                                                           Starts 13th October

Mindfulness Meditation allows one to refocus, and gain direction in their life. It is a fabulous
therapy that helps one to deal with high stress and anxiety levels. It is great for students, Mums and Dads,
as well as business people. During the 4 week course we look at different meditation techniques,
and how they can be applied in every day situations.

Yes-- this is a class with a difference, that will make a difference.

Bookings required



Qi Gong

With Jennifer


Monday 4.15pm - 5pm


Qigong combines gentle movements, breathing, concentration and visualization “to obtain and maintain" a healthy body, mind, spirit.
Anybody can do Qigong and feel revitalised and relaxed in a few minutes. 


Workshops and courses available.

Touch For Health International accreditation

                                                                                          Kinesiology to help your kids

                                                                                           Kinesiology Courses and Touch For Health

                                                                                           Tibetan Energy & Vitality workshop

                                                                                          go to;  for more info

                                                                                      all courses conducted at Engadine Yoga & Pilates Studio

Bookings can be emailed through the "booking" Icon at the top of this page

Please identify on your booking from what day/class and time you would like to book in to

Payment required to confirm all bookings--please use paypal facility located in the top left corner of the booking page


Engadine Yoga & Pilates. Hatha, Vinyasa & Prenatal Yoga, Pilates & Meditation ~
Suite 1/1075, Old Princes Hwy,  Engadine NSW 2233 ~  ph:9548-5368