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A body conditioning routine that will enhance your flexibility and muscle strength. Pilates combines control, concentration, precision and is based on several forms of mind - body exercises such as yoga and martial arts.

  We have Pilates classes on most days of the week, to help you maintain your core strength. We also have some exciting new teachers that have joined us this term. Therese brings many years experience of both Pilates teaching as well as cardio/gym teaching experience. She will be sure to give her participants a good workout.

Jo has been with the Studio for quite some time and is an extremely popular teacher with the pilates students. Jo has increased her workload and now takes four classes per week, so her current students have some variety to choose from. Both girls have been teaching in the Shire for many years, and are well known and respected locally.

We welcome Lauren to the studio. Lauren is bright and bubbly and is very enthusiastic with her class participants. She brings in a slightly different class format, that is sure to get you into tip top shape, with a 6 pack in no time.

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  • Tone your abdominals and thighs.
  • Increase your spinal flexibility and mobility.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Enhance muscle strength
  • Improve overall fitness



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