History of Yoga
History of Yoga


History of Yoga

YOGA-YOKE Literal translation.

Yoga is union. Union of the body mind and of spirit. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word, the language historically used in ancient India and Tibet where yoga originated from.

Yoga is said to have existed for at least 7000 years. Traditionally yoga was passed down from the teacher to the student without written records. That is until the great sage Patanjali wrote the first detailed exposition of yoga called the sutras.

We cannot adapt an ancient system in it's original form, but whatever way yoga is presented it must in some way represent the simple, inner guidance for the art of living in accordance with the natural laws. The outcome of yoga, if followed in this way, will be clear thinking individuals who are examples to their fellow men, expressing an alternative way of life to the tension ridden society of our modern times.

We in the west have adopted and intergrated some of these valuable yogic principals and teachings in order to cultivate and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.



Teaching Positions Yoga & Pilates

Engadine Yoga & Pilates has been established for over six years.

We encourage a variety of yoga styles and are always on the lookout for enthusiastic teachers who are willing to work as part of a team.

If you are a reliable person who is looking for part time work as a Yoga instructor we would like to hear from you.

Please email your resume to info@engadineyoga.com.au

stating experience, what type of yoga, insurance details, where you are located and if you teach adults, children or both.

Pilates instructors are also encouraged to email their resumes, stating if you instruct beginners or take more advanced classes and your availability.

We are a growing concern and would like to increase the availability of classes, which could include weekend work for the right applicant.

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