Engadine Yoga & Pilates is firmly established in the systems of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga,Meditation and Pilates . The instructors draw from a culmination of many years of studying, teaching and practicing complimentary styles of yoga and Pilates.

We conduct our classes according to the needs of our students. Our online timetable keeps you up to date with any new classes, workshops and courses.

The Centre

A relaxed studio with an ambience of tranquility, dedicated only to yoga, pilates and meditation. We have two air-conditioned, carpeted and heated rooms available for your comfort. Located above the National Bank opposite Engadine Post Office. see map ...

 The centre is non denominational and prides itself on focusing on our participants health and well being above all else. We aim to cater to willing participants needs, and will strive to help you achieve your best potential through either Pilates, Yoga or Meditation practices.

There are many positive health benefits achievable through undertaking Yoga and Pilates practices. Increase wellbeing, stamina, core strength, strengthen muscle tone, de-stress, improve your immunity, learn how to focus and increase awareness. There are so many benefits, we cannot list them all. Why not try out a class, reap the benefits, and see for yourself.

For Bookings please click on the timetable link and then the "booking icon"-Thankyou

Engadine Yoga Centre Hatha, Vinyasa & Prenatal Yoga, Pilates & Meditation ~
Suite 1/1075, Old Princes Hwy,  Engadine NSW 2233 ~  ph: 9548-5368